Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have a certified copy of my deed?

While it is not absolutely necessary that you obtain or have a certified copy of your deed, many homeowners (who do not already have one) prefer to keep a copy of this most important document with their personal records.  Additionally, the U.S. Government website recommends that property owners keep a certified copy of their deed in their safety deposit box (see their website,  Additionally, numerous university web sites and other experts in record retention recommend that a copy of a homeowners deed be maintained with their personal records.

How can having a certified copy of my deed help me?

Some homeowners find that having a certified copy of their deed, gives them comfort that the conveyance of their property has been properly recorded by the county office responsible for maintaining these records.  Certain municipalities and school boards list copies of deeds as documents that can be used to provide proof of residency.  In some cases this document will provide the necessary proof for admission to a school system or qualification for a homeowner’s exemption for real property taxes. Certified copies of deeds are also useful in verifying the exact wording and spelling of names of the ownership of property.  Certified copies of deeds can be introduced as evidence of ownership in court room proceedings in some states.

How does the process of obtaining a certified copy of my deed work?

Once a certified copy of a deed is requested, National Deed Service, Inc. will obtain a certified copy of your deed from the County office and mail it to you.  This process usually takes approximately thirty days from the date that your order is received by National Deed Service, Inc.

What do I do if I don’t receive the copy of my deed?

National Deed Service, Inc. makes every effort to send out your deed within thirty to sixty days.  However, there are times when this schedule cannot be met.  There are occasions where the wrong deed is received from the county and a new copy needs to be requested.  If you do not receive your deed in a timely manner, please call us at our processing center at 800-574-5766.

Is National Deed Service, Inc. affiliated with any governmental agency?
No, National Deed Service, Inc. is not affiliated with any governmental agency.  We are privately owned and provide a service for property owners.  Our customers prefer us to obtain a certified copy of their deed for them.  This is similar to a person, renting a video from a video store such as Blockbuster instead of a local library, or using an accounting firm instead of getting tax advice from the IRS.  We provide our clients their documents in a timely and professional manner.

What do I do if I have misplaced my return envelope?

You can send your order to National Deed Service, Inc. by either mail or fax.  You can mail your order form to:

National Deed Service, Inc
National Processing Center
2460 Dundee Road #365
Northbrook IL 60062
Or you can fax your order form to 800-574-5698.

Where do I call if I have further questions?

You may reach National Deed Service, Inc. at our toll free number, 800-574-5766.